Vermicelli Noodle Saladwith Pork Luncheon Meat

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Vermicelli Noodle Saladwith Pork Luncheon Meat

  • 30 min
  • 4 persons


  • 340 g Tulip Jamonilla®
  • 400 g green bean vermicelli
  • 100 g red onion
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 150 g chinese celery
  • 20 g cilantro
  • 2 chilies
  • 3 tbsp roasted peanuts
  • 4 sesame rice cake
  • 3 small chilies
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 2 tbsp lime juice
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp fish sauce
  • 10 g cilantro roots
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This Vietnamese-inspired noodle salad is an easy and refreshing meal with green bean vermicelli noodles, pork luncheon meat, fresh vegetables, a tangy fish sauce dressing, cilantro, chilies, and roasted peanuts as the topping.

Vermicelli salad is a nourishing meal that you can prepare in no time. It has a savory-sweet, nuanced flavor despite the short ingredient list. The green bean vermicelli noodles, that are used in this salad, are a thin and transparent type of noodle, sometimes called glass noodles, and they are popular to put in soups, stir fry dishes, and spring rolls.


Difficulty: Easy


Food preparation 

  • Cut the pork luncheon meat into slices. Place a pan over medium-high heat and cook the meat in some oil until golden and crisp. Let it drain on some paper towel. 
  • Slice the red onion and celery. Use a mandolin slicer to get extra-thin slices. Put the sliced onion in cold water to make it crisp and get rid of the strong taste. 
  • Scoop the tomato seeds and cut the rest into thin strips. 
  • Wash the green bean vermicelli noodles. Fill a large pot with water and wait for it to boil. Add the noodles to the boiling water for one minute, then pour them into a colander to drain 
  • Finally mix the noodles with the pork luncheon meat, tomatoes, red onion, and Chinese celery. 

Making the sauce 

  • Chop the cilantro roots, mince garlic, and finely chop the chilies. 
  • Mix fish sauce with chilies, garlic, sugar, lime juice, and then stir the mixture. Pour the sauce on the vermicelli and mix. 


  • Cut the chilies diagonally, chop the cilantro, and crush the roasted peanuts.  
  • Place the vermicelli salad on the dish. Sprinkle with roasted peanuts and cilantro on the surface. 
  • Serve right away with a sesame rice cake on the side. 
  • Enjoy! 



Swaps and substitutions 

If you don’t have green bean vermicelli noodles, egg noodles are a great alternative for this salad.

If you want more vegetables in your salad, you can also include shredded lettuce, red or green cabbage, spring onions, and fresh herbs like Thai basil or mint.

Give the noodle salad a sweet and pickled touch by adding Do Chua - Vietnamese daikon radishes and carrot pickles. The pickles are traditionally served on banh mi sandwiches and Vietnamese bun salad.


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